About us

Dr Pieter de Waal’s practice is situated at the Netcare Universitas/Pelonomi Private Hospital Complex in Bloemfontein , Free State, South Africa, as well at the Hillandale Lifestyle and Health Centre, Woodlands Estate just outside Bloemfontein. Consultations and (if needed) admission of your child would be in one of these hospitals; the choice is yours.

The most frequent paediatric illnesses/problems currently attended to in this practice:

  1. Routine examinations of 6 weeks old babies including: immunizations, infantile colic, neurodevelopement.
  2. Allergies/paediatric asthma;
  3. Pediatric– and neonatal skin problems;
  4. Infections of the upper airways and lungs (ear, nose and throat)
  5. Childhood epilepsy;
  6. Paediatric HIV- and Tuberculoses infection and treatment;
  7. Childhood developmental problems and learning disabilities;
  8. Childhood Attention Deficit Disorders and Childhood Autism;
  9. Cerebral Palsy (mentally handicapped children);
  10. Children with speech delay and speech problems;
  11. Bedwetting in children ect.

Children from the age of delivery (newborns) up to the age of 14 years qualifies with the medical aid as “pediatrics patients” and are treated at this practice. This practice also serves as a referring point for children with special pediatric surgical needs i.e. tonsillectomies and circumcisions.This practice handles referrals from other general practitioners in and around the Free State, South Africa and Maseru, Lesotho and treats children from all over South Africa.


This practice and hospitals are fully equipped to serve in your and your child's needs. Appointments are made telephonically during which an appointment date and time will be allocated to your child’s consultation (WAITING PERIOD OF NO LONGER THAN 24 HOURS). If you are unable to attend, please cancel this appointment 24 hours before the appointment, as we could have attended to another sick child in this time slot. In case of emergencies, a consultation appointment will be arranged for you ASAP, preferably immediately. Depending on the nature of the emergency, you will be attended to as soon as your child arrives at the consulting rooms or hospital.

Payments of your child’s consultation

This practice treats children from ALL medical aids. Be advised that some options of medical aids require a general practitioner to first see your child before referral to a specials can take place. You can however ignore this policy apon which you will be expected to pay your consultation at this practice in cash. Medicine prescribed by Dr Pieter for this consultation can, however , still be claimed from your medical aid.

NO CO PAYMENTS is required at this practice and services rendered by Dr PJ de Waal are at NHRPL rates.

Cash payments for consultations are also welcome at a very affordable rate.

Consultations/services rendered are automatically and electronically submitted through to your medical aid immediately after the consultation. This practice makes use of a “live billing system” that allows you to know immediately after the consultation if the amount due is settled fully/partly /not at all by your medical aid, on which you will be expected to pay the full outstanding amount due immediately after the consultation (debit– and credit card machines available at receptionist’s desk). Therefore please note that this practice does not make provision for outstanding accounts. However, should an outstanding amount accidently become due after the consultation, you will be telephonically/via SMS informed of this and there will be expected from you to settle this amount within 30 days of our notification to you, after which a monthly 15% interest rate will be charged on late payments. Unfortunately , after three months of initial notificationof your outstanding amount, your account must be handed over to the credit managers for collection.

Practice INFO:

Dr Pieter J de Waal (Paediatrician)

Practice number: 031 8221

Medical Practitioner number: MP 0543853

Netcare Pelonomi/Universitas Hospital


Hillandale Healthcentre,

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Tel: 051-4322 777 Office hours: Mon-Frid (08-00 to 17h00)

Cell phone: 084 890 3234 (after hours/emergencies)

E-mail: pieterdewaal@telkomsa.net

Correspondence: PO Box 28251, Danhof, Bloemfontein, Free State, 9310

Pediatric healthcare radiotalks (topics on international pediatric healthcare calendar:

Thursdays 11h00 –12h00 on MEDFM—104.7 HZ

Admitting Hospitals: Netcare Hospital Complex and Hillandale Healthcare Centre, Woodland Hills, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa