Ancillary pediatric services at this practice


Occupational Therapy

Newborns and older children with developmental delays (milestones) and neurological problems (cerebral palsy) visit Dr Pieter de Waal for further evaluation and treatment. These and other children frequently get referred by Dr Pieter to Me René de Bruin, a occupational therapist from Bloemfontein who specializes in the therapy of children with special physical and neurodevelopmental needs. Me René’s practice is situated within Dr Pieter’s consulting rooms and they work closely together with these patients and their parents.

Me de Bruin specializes in BABY MASSAGING and the treatment interventions of INFANTILE colic with huge success.

Frequent independent follow ups are scheduled with Bruin with children and their parents are to monitor adequate patient progression .

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Disabled children with special rehabilitation needs, get referred by Dr Pieter to the physiotherapists, Mnr Riaan Meyer en Mnr Dana Boonzaaier.

MEYER and BOONZAAIER PHYSIOTHERAPISTS specializes in physical rehabilitation of children, chest physiotherapy and exercises for children after serious injury (sport injuries and car accidents).

Pediatric Dietetic Services

Long gone are the days where only “fat people” consults a dietician.

Ill and hospitalized children have special dietary needs. Children with bodyweight issues (too heavy; too light) also needs dietary advise and follow up. Long gone are the days where only “fat people” consults a dietician.

Dr Pieter refers all these children to Me Helen Wessels, a registered dietician situated within Netcare Private Hospital and Hillandale Healthcare centre, Bloemfontein, Free state.

She has a special interest in nfant and pediatric feeding problems and treats pediatric patients on a daily basis.

The “picky eating” child who struggles to eat normal adult food and smaller babies having to make the transition from bottle– to solid feeds frequently get referred to Me Wessels.

With television, videogames and fast food diets, our children are becoming victims of childhood obesity at a strikingly increasing rate. Obesity in children is currently being researched, today more than ever. Childhood lung problems, including asthma, bronchiolites, bronchites and hypertension as well as the risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus, is directly linked to children having a high body mass index. Watch this space for your child’s weekly diet tips.